Safe Riding safety stirrups

Safe Riding designs and manufactures safety stirrups for horse riding. Designed by riders and made for riders, Safe Riding stirrups provide athletes and sports enthusiasts with safety, comfort, and elegance.
Three models of Safe Riding stirrups, S1, S2 and S-Light, sharing some features and advantages.


Safe Riding stirrups ensure total safety, certified and covered by internationally registered patents.
In case of a fall, the arch of the stirrup opens completely, thus allowing the rider to move the foot and avoiding physical harm.


Comfort is ensured by the shock-absorbing footrest equipped with a gripping system capable of adapting to any stress, for the S1 and S2 stirrups, and by a new grating stirrup for the S-Light stirrup.


The essential but refined design and the wide range of customization possibilities of the covers, available for the S1 and S2 models, make the Safe Riding safety stirrups the ideal solution for a heterogeneous public of all ages, attentive to design and technical content.

S1 stirrup comes in two colours: Champagne and Meteor Grey.

S2 stirrup, Safe Riding latest offering, is made of a new Magnesium and Aluminum alloy and ensures a high resistance and remarkable lightness to all riders. The ride is more pleasant and safe, even under conditions of high dynamic stress. The chrome finish adds an exceptional sheen and high wear resistance to the product.

S2 model comes in three different colours, all of them in chrome finish: Silver Chrome, Satin Copper and Santorini Black.

The new S-Light safety bracket is made of light ANTICORODAL aluminium alloy and is available in 6 different anodised colours: Jet Black, Mocha Brown, Sunset Gold, Cloudy Silver, Slate Blue and Flamingo Pink.


Safety stirrups covers

A wide range of covers, compatible with the S1 and S2 Safe Riding stirrups, easily interchangeable, add a touch of elegance that has always characterised the Safe Riding brand.

Four different collections allow you to express your riding passion.

  • Contemporary, when you want to play with colours;
  • Premium, when you want to take care of the smallest detail;
  • Luxury, to express your personal and unique style;
  • Flags, to better represent yourself and your Country

A Limited Edition of our covers is also available to make your riding style even more unique and exclusive.