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Luxury Cover

The real luxury? Stirrups with tailor made covers, designed and created depending on horse-riders flair. Initials, monograms, custom prints, fine leathers, unique finishing and even precious stones: Safe Riding Luxury line has no limits, except the ones of your imagination.
Contact us to explain your projects… we’ll study every possibility to turn your ideas into reality.


luxury cover
Jewel Cover

The brilliance of precious stones makes these exclusive covers suitable for the Safe Riding S1 brackets. Elegant, rich, able to give warmth and brilliance, for riders who wish to make their image a leap in quality;.


edizione limitata
Limited Edition Filippo Bologni

We have created a collection of Safe Riding covers, exclusive and limited edition, dedicated to Filippo Bologni, one of the promises of Italian riding

An elegant line, distinguished by the colors of the Carabinieri, of which Filippo Bologni is a part, and of the Italian tricolor. Cover from rigorous and refined elegance, for those who want to dress with a national pride the Safe Riding S1 stirrups.


edizione limitata

The pureness and freshness of white meet the light-blue color of the sea in this new limited edition dedicated to summer. An elegant and cheerful summer at the same time, that brings us to the beach to relax and to spend joyful moments enjoying cocktails at sunsets. Colorful lines to make us feel on holiday, even when we’re riding.