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Stirrups S1

A new era has begun: Safe Riding revolutionizes stirrups’ world, transforming them into hi-tech and fashionable accessories. With Contemporary, Flags, Premium and Luxury collections you can create your own stirrup selecting and changing colours, graphics and materials. Because even the smallest detail is important to express the horse-rider’s style. Safe Riding stirrups are glamorous and safe, as guaranteed by the high-standard safety document and 3 international patents.

All-round safety
The SAFETY FIRST models are the only 100% safe stirrups, which is the reason for wanting them certified and patented.
The tech reharsals provided by our laboratories demonstrate and certify that, by applying a minimum traction force to the middle point of the brench (2,5 Kg), our stirrups open completely to free the rider in any situation.
Unparalleled comfort
Ours was a most determined wish for a product that would adapt to the rider, and not the opposite.
The exclusive shock-absorbed bench is equipped with an innovative gripping system, to adapt to any movement of the rider, always allowing him or her to produce the very best performances.
Designed for you
Our stirrups are purposely designed solid and conical as well as their setting at the 45° angle thereby enhancing and more comfortable stance in the saddle and ensuring the stirrups are easy to recover in any situation for any Ryder at any level!
A second hole for the stirrup leather holds the stirrup up in a retracted position allowing the stirrups to hold their place while the horse is being lunged.