Warranty Horse riding stirrups


The warranty must be activated by the customer as follows:

  • Option 1: by going to the nearest authorized dealer who will initiate the procedure.
  • Opzione Option 2: By filling out this form with your data and entering the serial code that you can find in the tab of the stirrup.

See warranty conditions


    1.1 Tenuta Montemagno Horses warrants its Products for a period of 2 years (2) from the date of purchase, under normal conditions of use. In all cases, the term of the warranty expires from the date of purchase. The Client shall keep the invoice received at the purchase.

    1.2 The warranty does not cover defects and damage caused by the following:

    – Improper use of the Product and/or negligence by the Client or third parties;

    – Technical modification unauthorised by Tenuta Montemagno Horses Srl, lack of maintenance by the Client, as well as alteration of the Product with components realized by third parties;

    – Normal wear and tear of the Product;

    – If you have continued to use the Product after it has been damaged;

    – Force majeure, natural disasters, accidents, fires and other external factors not due to Tenuta Montemagno Horses Srl.

    2. TERM

    2.2 The lack of conformity shall be communicated by the Client to Tenuta Montemagno Horses Srl within 60 days from the date in which defects have been discovered. Any claim must be carried on against competent Court within 26 months from the delivery of the Product.

    2.2 Tenuta Montemagno Horses Srl obligation regarding its warranty is limited to replacement or repair, at its discretion, of the Product that has been accepted by Tenuta Montemagno Horses Srl as being defective, following the examination of the Product. In case Tenuta Montemagno Horses Srl will not find the defect claimed by the Client, the Product shall not be replaced. The Customer may be charged of related costs, as well as the shipping costs, if borne by Tenuta Montemagno Horses Srl.

    2.3 Any other and additional liability for direct and consequential damages resulting from defective products is excluded.

    2.4 The Product shall be returned by the Customer intact, appropriately packaged and complete in all its part.


    3.1 The warranty should be activated by the Client as follows:

    – Option 1: going to the nearest authorised reseller, who will start the procedure.

    – Option 2:  Click here registering or updating your customer card and entering the serial code that you can find under the right bracket.

    3.2 Warranty activated in different way shall not be considered valid.


    4.1 Any request regarding this warranty must be formulated by the Customer to Tenuta Montemagno Horses Srl through an authorized reseller and it will always be accompanied by evidence of lawful purchase (invoice, receipt).


    5.1 This warranty is subject to Italian law with the exclusion of international conventions and other rules of soft law. In the event of any dispute resulting from this warranty, it is agreed that the exclusive venue shall be the Court of Milan except in case of mandatory rules according to consumer’s law.