Safe Riding Safety Stirrups

100% Security

To ride safely, you have to choose certified products and accessories.The S1, S2 and S-Light safety stirrups from Safe Riding are guaranteed by international patents.Safe Riding branded accessories also offer unique customisation options to enable riders to express their personality in any situation.

360° safety

No risk of buckling. The arch can be tilted 90° in any direction for 100% safe stirrups.

Ergonomic safety

Safe Riding stirrups feature a shock-absorbing, tilting footplate with an innovative grip system, which adapts to the rider’s every movement.

Interchangeable covers

A different cover for every occasion. Safe Riding Stirrups features interchangeable and customisable text covers available in a wide range of colours, finishes and materials.

Our Safety Stirrups

S1 Safety Stirrups

€ 330,00

S2 Safety Stirrups

€ 390,00

S-Light Safety Stirrups

€ 280,00

S-Mini Safety Stirrups

€ 240,00

Our Safety Stirrups

Customized Covers

Contemporary, Flag, Premium. 3 different safety stirrup cover ranges, available in various colours and customisable to suit your style.




Our Covers

Cover Contemporary

€ 20,00

Cover Flag

€ 60,00

Cover Premium

€ 60,00

Clip S-light / S-Mini

€ 15,00

Our Covers

Our Ambassadors

Carolina Chade

Show Jumping
Carolina Chade was part of the Brazilian national team for seven years.
An U25 rider, her prize list includes two national champion titles, South American individual and team champion, 3rd place at the Nations Cup in Wellington, placed in the CSI-W 2* and in several national Grand Prix.

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